Good on you, Bill

Monday January 22, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Well done to Bill Doherty for repatriating your foreign worker for non-performance.

Those businesses bringing in foreign workers should be ensuring they comply with our local laws and immigration requirements. If they are not measuring up they should follow the actions taken by the owner of Land Holdings and Ocean Fresh following the grounding of one of his fishing boats. Should overseas workers stuff up while here, they should be booked on the next flight home, no questions asked. There are instances, especially in the private sector where foreign workers employed here use our lovely paradise as a hub and apply for local jobs here and there. Many of our people don’t know how to speak and write English properly when we apply for these vacancies and so these foreign workers take advantage.

Where’s the coordination?

It is not so much that Infrastructure Cook Islands don’t know what they are doing but the fact  there is no coordination. One would think that after Te Aponga Uira completed what was necessary to improve the electrical cable from Ngatangiia to Titikaveka that Bluesky and Te Mato Vai would do a similar exercise to take care of their needs. As the ICI road work team tries to patch up the Ngatangiia road, Te Mato Vai workers are digging trenches to lay more pipes and Bluesky is there too. The funny thing is that these organisations are government stakeholders

Maggie is an embarrassment

I would like to add some thoughts to the suggestion that George Maggie should have a street named after him. The writer who is suggesting this must be blind. You look round Tupapa Maraerenga and see Tupapa has hardly been touched and not everyone in this village likes him. I believe he has an attitude problem. What he says on TV is always putting us to shame and making us embarrassed.  He is trying to get back into the CIP party again which we will never allow. Leave it to our constituency to decide what we want.

Mic check, please, CITV

CITV, when are you going to cure your prolonged and exasperating habit of your sound being uncoordinated with your video presentation? And while I think of it, why are your interviewers microphone never adjusted to a balanced level with the person being interviewed on the news (don’t worry about the roosters – we appreciate they are outside your control).

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