Build it and they will come again

Thursday January 18, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Interesting that China is now committing to fix their shoddy workmanship on the police headquarters, the Ministry of Justice building and the sports arena.

It’s a great strategy: provide defective infrastructure which then gives you a reason to come back for repair work and continued engagement with that country. This could be a case of planned obsolescence.


However, there may be a more sinister agenda at play. The buildings include the police and justice buildings and that the buildings will have to be vacated before refurbishment. The Chinese do have a history of fitting out buildings with surveillance, most recently the Israeli embassy in China. What better way than to start with an unoccupied building under the guise of a total refurbishment?


On the same topic, refurbishment projects in the Pacific can also be used to cover up the beginning of other covert activities. Will the Cook Islands government be able to check for strong irregularities and additions to the three buildings?


Can I comment that your fellas’ prime minister is wasting his time overseas and doesn’t seem to do much to do in your country. He heads overseas, leaving locals helpless and wondering what the future holds. He should stay at home. But there he goes, on the plane again.


No word yet on who the government has lined up as a suitable investor for the old Sheraton site. Bets on three to one they have the Chinese lined up to come in and take it over!


There’s no mystery in the sudden upsurge of people being fined for various traffic offences, a smoke signaller says. “The reason why the police issued so many more tickets and discovered for themselves just how bad the standard of driving is on the island, is that they actually made an effort to run many more checkpoints than usual. Now that the money for staff overtime has run out, the checkpoints will be few and far between, the drunk drivers will take to the road without fear (especially on Sunday afternoons) and we’ll be back to square one.”

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