Pineapple thieves deserve punishment

Monday January 08, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

What’s up with the dismal creatures who stole 100 pineapples from a local gardener recently? Have they no scruples, no conscience at all? Let’s hope they get caught, and soon. The sharp end of a pineapple might make a useful tool with which to exact punishment.



The current police blitz on drunk drivers, dangerous drivers and stupid drivers etc, is simply amazing to witness, given their comparative lack of action in past years. It shows what government departments can achieve when there’s a will. And it’s presumably providing a bonus for the cash-strapped police service, as they’ve been issuing plenty of fines. Hopefully they’ve made enough to pay their overtime bill. The thing is, why haven’t they attacked the problem in this way in the past? And when the blitz is over, will we be back to encountering on our roads the usual drunk drivers (particularly on Sunday afternoons), the locals and tourists riding around with no helmets and people speeding at will?

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