Thumbs down for Jetstar

Friday January 05, 2018 Published in Smoke Signals

Where else in the world but the Cook Islands would a jet loaded with passengers arrive in the middle of the night minus all of their luggage? A big thumbs-down to Jetstar for failing to explain anywhere near adequately why this appalling incident happened – or how it is that the other few airlines seem able to get here with everyone’s bags aboard.

Sure, there’s the odd miss – but a whole planeload? Adding insult to injury, the said baggage didn’t turn up till four days later. Their fares might be cheap, but so, it seems, is their service.


Doing something about the Cook Islands’ reliance on imported fresh produce would appear to be a no-brainer, but still the solution evades us. Let’s hope that this year Agriculture will actually do something about encouraging the growth of commercial scale fruit and vegetable farming on both Rarotonga and Mangaia. The latter especially, because the cooler climate means farmers can grow things like broccoli and carrots that we can’t generally grow here. No more silly excuses please, minister!


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