Rubbish makes a sad sight at Muri beach

Thursday November 23, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

A post on Rarotonga Community and Beyond’s Facebook page has shown rubbish left behind at Muri beach.

The person wrote, “Some human beings (if they are even that), decided to leave all this rubbish…One wonders what their home’s like.” The sight of someone’s broken bottles, soiled nappies, food, plastic plates, also attracted the attention of a passing tourist who took a photo of the unsightly scene. They also commented on the issue but also performed a good deed as they added,

“All cleaned up now, nice and clean for the next lot of human beings to mess up.”


Who exactly is the Cook Islands nominee for the UNESCO Asia Pacific position that so much effort and public money has been spent on? The people have the right to know as numerous senior officials and politicians have been to France to push for this person and have failed.


A plea from a fed-up motorist: “If you’re going to ride your bicycle at night, please wear some kind of reflective clothing and have a light on your bike so people can see you. Our roads are bad enough without having to cope with near-misses in the dead of night. And parents, what are you doing letting your young children ride their bikes in town late at night? There were three of them riding through Avarua on Monday night and all of them were dressed in dark clothing. And of course there were no lights on their bikes.


Does anyone else notice how the ICI compound appears bereft of any decent equipment apart from one or two vehicles?  gets the feeling the department is slowing being strangled to death, in much the same way as the Agriculture ministry.


Which reminds us, we wonder what’s happened to all those shiny new yellow machines that were donated by China and sent to the outer islands a couple of years ago? If the diggers and graders were as reliable as the quad bikes they gave our MPs, we’d bet they’re lying immobile, rusting and awaiting the spare parts that never seem to materialise.


It’s a sad state of affairs/shame to notice that the only thing that made Rehab stand out from the rest of the watering holes round town was brutally butchered. A lone coconut tree has been felled to make way for boring old pine decking. Nice one!

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