A close encounter of the worst kind

Thursday September 28, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Driver of the Week: The local person behind the wheel of a newish silver Suzuki 4WD who passed another car outside The Beachcomber Building on Monday at around 10.30 and came very close to running me over as I walked alongside the building – well off the road.

He or she just drove on towards Tupapa without even looking back. Passing stationary cars on the wrong side is very dangerous and in this case could have resulted in serious injury. Unfortunately, the towbar on the Suzuki obscured the number plate (which is also probably illegal too) or you would have received a visit from the police by now.


With all the talk about animal welfare recently, you’d think people would be looking after their pets and larger animals better. But no, there are still cattle, goats and horses tethered out in the sun with no water in sight. It isn’t just bad treatment, it’s very cruel and those responsible should be ashamed of yourselves.


People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Just saying.


Keep your heads up Panthers with a clear mind. You know who the rightful winners were!

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