We can still do it

Tuesday September 26, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

It’s not too late to change our gluttonous habit-causing non-communicable diseases. Fifty years ago our parents got us into the habit of raking rubbish before or after school. We ate home-cooked meals and exercised our bodies by growing fruits and veges in the garden. Why not bring back the rake, for our children of today?



It seems the new speed limit at Titikaveka is 70kmh. Well anyway, that’s approximately what some vehicles were travelling at on Monday morning, without a cop in sight. It would be interesting (and lucrative for the police) to station someone with a radar gun near the end of a long straight, and see how many speedsters they can nab.


A house falling off a truck in Avarua yesterday morning should raise alarm bells with our traffic and safety people. It’s not uncommon to see buildings and other large and dangerous materials being carried in precarious fashion on the back of trucks, with totally inadequate fastenings. It’s also not uncommon to see people perched on the top of these buildings as they’re travelling along. Endangering lives unnecessarily should be a crime.


The PM showed his high regard for traffic laws when he dobbed in a visiting driver the other day. Pity the police didn’t show that high regard when they neglected to pursue the prime minister’s equally serious traffic transgression!


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