A matter of cost

Thursday September 14, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Bluesky has reinstated CITV and Vaka to Aitutaki subscribers, but have halved the total number of programmes available. There’s no reduction of monthly fees though! They claim this is a result of costs to get signals to Araura Enua. Does this mean our phone and internet charges will also double?



What has changed now that we have three animal organisations on this tiny island, a smoke signaller asks. “Well, not much, from what I can see. All around the island, the same tethered animals – horses, goats, pigs, cattle, languishing with no water, no shade and in some cases no food, and all around the island, despite the endless talk, there are dogs for Africa. Meanwhile, the much-talked about new Agriculture Act which might give these poor animals some protection (though it is doubtful anything will really change), remains somewhere in limbo.


Well a certain company vehicle was certainly leading the way at 3.20pm at Rutaki the other day, overtaking at 70k on a blind curve.


Drivers of company vehicles must sometimes forget they’re driving a car or truck with the firm’s name and logo plastered all over the bodywork. The driver of a vehicle belonging to a plumbing company takes the prize when it comes to speeding and passing in inappropriate places. Likewise, the driver of a van belonging to a tourist attraction, who is an ace at following too closely behind other vehicles, as well as having a hot foot on the accelerator.


Where has the Matavera Virgin Mary gone?  The stone enclosure she stood in was demolished and removed and the church looks empty and deserted.


The end of lease for Papaaroa school will be a tragedy, but sending them to Titikaveka won’t solve either problem. One has a lease issue, the other a different problem entirely.  The curriculum is totally different, Seventh Day Adventist or public? How could they be combined? It would be a shame to lose either but with the growth and building at Tereora it will take an exceptional leader to pull the school together to convince parents to grow the roll at Titikaveka. It will take a community of concerned parents to allow Papaaroa to stay. Both look to be in God's hands for the end result. Let’s hope it is the best for the children.

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