Aitutaki television-watchers left in the dark again

Monday September 11, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Last week a smoke signaller commented on the absence of the CI Herald from the island for the last few months.

Now Aitutaki TV seems to have gone off the air, leaving island residents gazing forlornly at blank screens. Has it gone off the air because of unpaid power accounts, an island resident asks? “The situation is compounded by the fact that Bluesky have dropped CITV and Vaka TV from their Aitutaki IPTV bouquet, so now no Cook Islands TV at all for us on the Pa Enua.”


With so much awful driving on the island at present, it’s not a difficult job picking a driver of the week. This week’s award (with absolutely no prize whatsoever), goes to the chap driving an old dark coloured station wagon who elected to pass another vehicle just metres before a corner at the seawall. He just missed an oncoming car and is lucky to be alive.


Also deserving of the same award are the three young tourists who rented scooters, and then proceeded to hoon around the island at umpteen kilometres an hour, not bothering to indicate when they randomly decided to pull over multiple times. Two were wearing helmets but one wasn’t. Obviously they think this is some Mickey Mouse country where you can get away with driving however you like. Actually, maybe they are right!


When will ICI tumble to the fact that if you pour gravel into a pothole and then pour tar over the top, when heavy rain arrives, the “repair” simply lifts out of the road and you’re back to square one, often with an even more serious pothole. Some proper remedial work on our roads would go down well. Now that the government is making such a wonderful job of running our economy, they might be able to do something about it.


Not all is well in animal health land, a little birdie tells us. A few little issues involving money, not to mention the odd personality conflict, we hear.


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