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Thursday September 07, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“I see Jetstar is celebrating 14 years of ‘service’,” a smoke signaller says.

“Service? Really? Not long ago, an 88-year-old man was brave enough to visit the Cook Islands for the first time. He had a good time, then he flew Jetstar back to Auckland in the early hours of the morning and was distressed to find when he got there that his luggage had been offloaded in Rarotonga. Not only that, it took several days for his suitcase to arrive at his home in northern New Zealand. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is a regular occurrence. Not long ago, CINews highlighted the case of an eye surgeon who travelled to Rarotonga on a Jetstar flight. He specified to staff that a case containing his surgical gear must not be offloaded. Guess what happened? It’s all very well offering cheap flights, but really Jetstar, people do expect to see their luggage on the baggage carousel when they reach their destination.


A New Zealand farmer of 40 years’ experience who visited Rarotonga for the first time last month says he’s absolutely horrified at the way larger animals appear to be treated on the island. “Some of the cattle and goats I saw that were tethered, were clearly very thirsty and there were no troughs or other kinds of water containers in evidence. And this was in winter. They must suffer terribly in the heat of summer. It amounts to torture. Many of the pigs I saw were incredibly thin and underfed, and as for the dogs…don’t get me started.”


It’s crazy that police have to deal with so many issues involving drinking, violence and assaults. From morning to night this behaviour has made the police very, very busy. They must have got really tired, after all that. It’s getting really bad in this country with people drinking then hurting or abusing somebody, or doing stupid things. Instead of that they should be using their common sense and do the right thing. When these people drink too much they end up throwing bottles around, making the island untidy. Sadly, this is not new for Enua Manea. It’s been happening everywhere.


When it comes to making money and losing it, there are plenty of people on the island who are given every help available to do so. Trouble is, it’s usually other people’s money that they lose. The spokesperson for Pa Ariki said he was charging $5 for visitors to see the waterfall so he could pay to fix up and beautify the road. He has also been heard to say that he makes plenty of money from the buggies. At least 100 cars a week must surely be going to the waterfall, and that equals an income of around $1000 a week. https://krootez.com/buy-instagram-likes/ Well, it’s been a while now, since he made the statement about fixing the road, but apart from the spray painted signs what has he done with all the money? It hasn’t gone into making the road beautiful, or the Sheraton, or helping our friendly reputation.”


Has the Cook Island Herald ceased publishing? We haven’ t seen any issues on Aitutaki for over two months now.


The prime minister would have us believe that the government is doing incredibly well, but if that’s the case, why is our infrastructure in such a bad state, a smoke signaller asks. “Our roads are steadily getting worse. My car’s suspension is getting totally wrecked from constantly running into potholes, which in some cases are joining hands and turning into mega-potholes. Te Mato Vai is hardly an example of a well-run, efficient project and the “landfill” is getting over-full and there are no plans for a new one. Meanwhile the PM and his sidekick are strutting the world stage, painting a totally unrealistic picture of what is really happening in this country.


This Merchant of Paradise outfit seems to be operating in the realm of a separate reality, a well-known island resident says. “If Tepaki and Webb actually get any of their bizarre plans off the ground, I am fully prepared to eat my hat. In public. And that’s a promise.”

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