Trees better option

Wednesday August 30, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

While the nice smooth surface at the Punanga Nui market is nice to stroll down on a cold winter Saturday morning and visitors can get a bit of warmth from the solar heat-collecting black tar, what’s it going to be like in mid-summer?

How hard would it have been to space flame tree saplings right down the middle? In a couple of years, a bit of shade and within six or seven years a shady canopy in the summer. What did Joni Collins once sing? “Pave paradise and put in a parking lot”.


On a recent trip to Blackrock I was disappointed to see the state that the area was in. It is one of our most beautiful areas on the island, but it looks like some people don’t give a stuff, and use it simply as a dumping ground for whatever. It might be easy to point the finger at tourists and say that it’s them, but they don’t care about preserving the island because they aren’t here long enough. But judging by what type of rubbish is there, it looks like it is us, the locals. How disappointing.

SS: Sadly, the same problem is occurring at locations all around the island. On the back road at Kavera, for example, people are still dumping rubbish on a piece of empty land, in spite of warning signs that have been put up for more than 15 years. In other areas, locals still persist in throwing their plastic rubbish into a hole, then setting fire to it. It seems Public Health’s warnings about this health-endangering practice aren’t sinking in.

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