Stink from sewage truck spoiled our lunch

Monday August 28, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Thanks to the driver of the yellow sewage truck for spilling the stinky contents of your tanker truck along the Maraerenga main road last Thursday and spoiling lunch for evcryone who was eating outdoors. Talk about “dumping” in the wrong place.



The official explanation for this incident, which spread a horrible smell right through town, is that the driver of a truck used to transport the contents of septic tanks, neglected to shut off the hose completely. The result: a trail of awful smelling “grey water” (the polite term for it), was spread far and wide. A hasty hose-down by workers solved the problem, hours later,  Avarua no-longer smelled the same as some of the more downtrodden areas of downtown Bangkok.


These police checkpoints again, both before and after work. Isn’t this just plain revenue collecting? Most incidents that require police attention happen after hours and over weekends but we hardly see them during this time. Look at how many officers are required to run checkpoints. What a waste.


Another week goes by and still no explanation from police or Immigration as to how a person allegedly involved in a stabbing incident was allowed to leave the country, the same week as the Commissioner of Police announced that an inquiry was to be launched into police mishandling of the case. Surely the public deserve an explanation. How real about some information, Trevor? It would make better reading than learning how the cops successfully recovered some stolen pot plants the other day.


What is the total cost to the taxpayer regarding the series of adjourned court cases for not wearing helmets? It seems that even more taxpayer dollars are being wasted here.


So there’s a halt on all PR applications?“I guess that means no more PRs unless they’re for people who are willing to vote for the CIP,” a cynical smoke signaller says.


Advice to the parents of youngsters who get stabbed by someone who then flees the island: Phone or email Australian Federal Police with full details and the name of the perpetrator and then see what happens. You might get some action that way.


“Thinking about the new police attire, especially the big Akubra hats they are wearing now. Do they need them when none of them really work in the sun? It seems to be they drive around in a big wheel drive double cabs and don’t do much walking around in the sun. I hardly ever see officers on the street: They just stick to those double cabs.


“I totally disagree that paradise would be threatened by the Chinese taking over the Vaimaanga hotel project,” a smoke signaller says. “With this resort bringing in the wealthiest of people, our other accommodation properties will be in demand too. The real problem is whether we have the infrastructure to cater these guys. Because I tell you when the Chinese come, they will come in millions. But if we don’t have any McDonalds and similar stores, we won’t get rich tourists, because they just about live in these places. We are not a shopping destination so we will never have first class, high-spending tourists. But put in a casino and it will be a start.”

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