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Monday August 14, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Well done to all the performers, dancers, singers and drummers who took part in Te Maeva Nui this year. It was a wonderful celebration and every night my expectations were far exceeded. This is why I love the Cook Islands:

We have a beautiful culture that is still alive today. I am proud of our young people expressing their culture and representing their islands and not being ashamed of where they came from.


To the smokie complaining about the ‘rust bucket’, stop complaining. There are much greater things on this island to be concerned about than the Tiare Taporo sitting at the wharf.


Mention of the Tiare Taporo reminds us that a couple of months ago, owners Pacific Schooners Ltd announced that they had arranged to pay the company’s debts and were about to resume service to the northern islands. What has actually happened, is absolutely nothing. The Tiare Taporo is still quietly rusting away at the wharf, presumably without the owners having to pay berthage fees on the basis that they are providing a “service.” That’s something the vessel hasn’t done for well over a year.


The police are cracking down on speeding drivers using their flash new radar guns, and that’s a good thing. But what about the people who drive so painfully slow that they hold up long queues of traffic and cause impatient people to drive dangerously to pass them? If you can’t do more than 20kmh on your bike or in your car, how about pulling over so other people can get past safely?


A visitor to Rarotonga who has observed some of the bad driving on the island says it would be a good idea to hand out an information sheet to everyone entering the country. This could include some tips about our driving regulations, as well as warnings about the shoddy state of the island’s roads. Some of this information is included on the arrivals card everyone must fill in before passing through Customs and Immigration, but it’s presented in such tiny type, it’s impossible for anyone without perfect eyesight to read it.


Talking about driving, it’s time everyone familiarised themselves with the location of the turn indicators on their bike or car, a smoke signaller says. “Twice in the last couple of days I’ve had motorists travelling in front of me suddenly do U-turns without any warning. It’s really dangerous – and both tourists and locals do it frequently.”

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