Miss Cook Islands could do with a different name

Monday August 07, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

They should rename the Miss Cook Islands pageant the Miss Rarotonga pageant since only Raro kids don’t know how to speak Cook Islands Maori. One thing that seems to have been missed by organisers and judges is that language is a huge part of our identity. Go figure!



Rainy weather means extra-slow internet once again. The sooner the undersea cable is laid, the better – though lower prices for broadband are probably a dim prospect. And exactly how the Cook Islands is going to pay for its share of the project hasn’t been fully explained. No doubt we will end up indebted even more to the Chinese.


Resident who travelled to Auckland in June reported the hand dryer out of action in the men’s loos in the departure lounge. The same person flew out again recently and this time opted to use the loo outside the main building. The hand dryer in there gave one desperate gasp and gave up the ghost. Surely, Airport Authority, you have the budget to install some decent hand dryers and make sure they’re used properly. Making sure the toilets are always clean would be another major step in the right direction.


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