Lock up your cats

Tuesday July 18, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

A Betela resident wants to alert pet owners in the area that there are two cat killer dogs roaming the area – and they’re working together. “About a week ago they killed my neighbour’s cat and this morning they killed my cat. Both attacks happened about 7am. One dog is black the other brown. Both medium to large in size.” 



“Looks like Bluesky are up to their old tricks again,” a smoke signaller says. “Their June invoices include “delayed billing from May”, and then charge whatever they like. System error?  But whenever you question their records their system is always right - yeah right.  They cannot have it both ways, either their system is maki or it is accurate.  Most of us know it is not accurate. Imagine any other business trying to say they forgot to charge you and coming up with more costs. Watch out next time you buy anything, there could be “delayed billing” in the invoice.”


Noticed how easy it is now to get a carpark at the airport? “Maybe once user pays is also introduced for water, people will stop wasting it?” a somewhat optimistic smoke signaller says.


Sighted on the back road at Kavera, an elderly women transporting two young children to school – on the back of a scooter! Scooters are built for two riders and three is definitely a case of overcrowding. It’s dangerous too. Mind you, it doesn’t equal the sight of four tourists on one bike – reported from the same part of the island last year.


The full force of the tourism season is with us – and so is some extremely silly driving. Most of it is being done by young visitors, some of whom seem to be riding a scooter for the first time and think they are bulletproof. As the principal reason for their visit seems to be getting drunk (added and abetted by a couple of bars that sell $3.50 drinks almost around the clock), our local cops should be keeping a close eye on them. Mind you, they probably have their hands full with certain locals. In spite of all the warnings many of these people seem to totally ignore the helmet law, and drive around as drunk as they like.

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