Fines should quieten noisy dogs

Tuesday June 20, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Dog problem. If the police start giving out fines to households for breaking the law concerning dogs maybe we will see more Dog Officers than Traffic Officers.

At the moment we see that the money is in issuing traffic fines after stricter rules for Warrants of Fitness when our speed limit is only 50km/h. Hopefully, we will finally get a reprieve from noisy dogs behind the Kavera meeting house.


To the driver of GA420 at 8.30pm on Sunday May 18 who had no idea that its passengers were poking fingers and their bum at me whilst I drove behind them from the airport to Avatiu roundabout. This kind of behaviour isn’t acceptable - especially when the passengers were not sitting inside the cab but on the side rails.


Deja vu Brother Love receiving the Life Time Awards. Thank you maata. Also to the music producer who brought Bro Love out from the bush Mr Robert Ioaba.

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