Animal care needs unity

Friday June 09, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“I one hundred per cent agree with the smokie in CI News recently re another animal welfare group setting up on the island,” a smoke signaller says.

“I applaud the intent of the new group but it should not be allowed when there are existing organisations that would welcome the additional energy, resources and funding. Come on people put your differences and egos aside and work together. It’s just common sense.”


How on earth could anyone set fire to the police headquarters and what exactly is really going on here,” a smoke signaller asks? Does someone have a vendetta against the police? How did the offender manage to get into the police station and start a fire? You’d expect the police station to be the most secure building on the island, but is it? It’s about time the police were straight with everyone instead of either saying absolutely nothing about anything, or instructing their new PR man to put a slant on every piece of news that comes out of police headquarters. Was this man’s job advertised and on what basis was he appointed? It’s not as though our Trev did a sterling job on the PR side of things when he was at the Office of the Prime Minister.”


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