How about we just get on with looking after the animals?

Thursday June 08, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Just wondering how many animal welfare organisations we can support with our tiny population in the Cook Islands?

Let’s see: there’s CISPCA, Esther Honey, another one with a name that sounded like “Humane Society for Animals” or similar. Now we read about there is a new group called Te Are Manu. Why do they not pool their resources instead of competing against each other?


“When we read the Land Court Panui for May 2017, one of the days was chock-a-block with applications for the court to confirm occupation rights, a smoke signaller says. “What could be more routine? Well it’s not routine when a judge is presiding in court, as opposed to Justices of the Peace.”


A smoke signaller with the nom-de-plume “Get it Right” has taken issue with the prime minister over his speech at last week’s swearing-in for Albert Nicholas. “In a story in CI News the PM expressed sadness that the Demos and their leadership had shown themselves to be bad losers, not even having the grace and decency of publically congratulating Albert on his win. What planet is this guy on? The Leader of the Demo dedicated her entire column the Saturday after the by-election to congratulating all of the candidates, including Albert. Maybe the PM should spend more time on this planet, and on this island!


Will our prime minister have the cojones of other South Pacific leaders to send a message to Washington that we’ll have no more to do with that country so long as a boy-man is in charge who does not realise that there is just one environment without borders? Or can we expect the usual kowtowing from our Koru Club member?


Great to see the NZ High Commission gifting weed whackers to keep the cemetery clean. While the residents there won’t be bothered by the noise, when will our ‘leaders’ lead us into the fossil fuel-free future? Why didn’t they supply electric machines?


Here comes the Crooked Island Paradise government with their lollies. Its ‘Good news budget’ time – on the lead-up to the elections.


A smoke signaller observes that British actor Sir Roger Moore, a former James Bond and volunteer worker for UNICEF has passed on. “Why do the good people leave and we’re stuck with the bad people? Should it be the other way round?”


CIFU chief executive Ben Koteka should know we have talented local rugby players already available, a smoke signaller says. “They just need to stop drinking, smoking and eating a bad diet and be trained physically and mentally hard by a top-notch coach. And play more test matches. And of course, be sponsored by the wealthy companies who are creaming it over here. It’s a fact, there are a many former All Blacks who would love to coach the Cook Islands rugby team.”


“Here’s a tip for the PM concerning his column about leadership in CI News on May 23,” a smoke signaller says. “First rule of leadership: ‘Everything is your fault’. When something is done well, buy yourself an ice cream; when bad stuff hits the fan, plead guilty.


“Come on Matavera, this was unfair not to inform the other candidate about the candidate runoff recently,” a smoke signaller says. “Both candidates should have had the same chance. I was informed the same day about the selection of a new candidate. It was also mentioned whom I should vote for.”

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