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Get on to worker compensation!

Wednesday June 07, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“Ok let’s decode the letter to CI News by Heinz Matysik about worker compensation law,” a smoke signaller says.

“Basically he is saying the 1964 law covering Workers Compensation Is out of date. The 1965 Regulations for Employer and Liability Insurance is also out of date. The bits about pounds sterling and conversions and bank rates are just puff. Conclusion: the legislation for both needs updating pronto. 


“When we read the Land Court Panui for May 2017, one of the days was chock-a-block with applications for the court to confirm occupation rights, a smoke signaller says. “What could be more routine? Well it’s not routine when a judge is presiding in court, as opposed to Justices of the Peace.”


“In one case, one applicant seemed to have the majority, but counsel for the rival applicant (for the same section), told the court the “final count” had changed several times and there had been a hint of coercion in changing the votes. After some thought, the judge asked how many counts there had been. ‘Three,’ was the reply. With that, the judge directed that the parties meet with an impartial chairman (the deputy registrar) and that the outcome of that particular meeting would be the one accepted by the court.”


“In another occupation right matter, the court heard a similar story about signatories signing then changing their minds several times. In that matter, there were two applications for occupation rights on different sections of the same land. The objectors pointed out that both applicants were from the same branch of the family, so what about the other families? The long and short of the matter was that the court also directed that a meeting held with an impartial chairman (the deputy registrar again) and the outcome would be accepted by the court.