So whose road repair project is it?

Friday May 26, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

It is good news that roads in Matavera are being repaired, but as the Road Safety Council has already pointed out, these measures are unlikely to last because the potholes that have been filled with gravel and topped up with tar will be back to their original state after the next few decent torrential downpours, a smoke signaller says.

“And how come the secretary for the Minister of Agriculture (and MP for Matavera) was involved in explaining about the repairs? Shouldn’t any comment have come from ICI who are the supposed experts at road repairs?” It all sounds suspiciously political to me.”


It seems that those who make the loudest noise to the best-connected people are the ones who get their roads fixed, another smoke signaller says. “That might explain why the back road in Kavera is in such a diabolical state. Our MP must be on the wrong side of the political divide.”

It is sad news that Dr Mafi and Dr Makin are leaving Aitutaki Hospital, just like Dr Helen and Dr Meenie before them, they have done a brilliant job, a smoke signaller says. “The next doctor has huge shoes to fill.”

SS: A Ministry of Health spokesperson says the “MOH Executives” have decided to relocate the Medical Officers Dr. Ruonamakin Rui and Dr. Vakaola Mafi to Rarotonga “for the best interests of the Ministry of Health”.

“Dr Rui’s services are required in Rarotonga to assist in the Medical Department and Dr. Mafi will be working at the Out Patient Department/Accident & Emergency. They will be replaced by Dr. Rainer Perez and his wife who is also a doctor,” the spokesperson said. CI News has requested more information from the Ministry of Health.


After telling us that a crew was being assembled for the Tiare Taporo and that the boat would resume service to the northern islands in June, there’s still no sign of any activity around the rusting vessel, a smoke signaller says. “It seems to me it’s just a case of Pacific Schooners Ltd stringing everyone along again.”


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