It’s time for Rasmussen to forget the past

Thursday May 25, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

To Wilkie Rasmussen, you are right in your weekly column printed in CI News on May 22, but the past is history,” a smoke signaller says.”

It’s time for you to show what an intelligent servant of the people can do for his nation now. It is time to rise, bring us together and kick this government out.


A smoke signaller has taken issue with the Rotary Club, gifting the Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary to Year 9 students throughout the Cook Islands. That is a dictionary designed for lower primary school. Hence the “illustrated” version. This is not a proper dictionary for students’ first years of high school. Check out the sample pages on Amazon. I can’t believe my eyes. Please say it was a typo and it was meant to say year 3. Wow! Buy the students something more robust. This dictionary has 25,000 entries, versus an Oxford Dictionary of over a million entries. Chalk and cheese. Plus, by Year 9, an advanced thesaurus would be more useful for students in essay writing.


Another smoke signaller is concerned at description of the recent Rutaki fishing competition as a contest to promote safe fishing practices, celebrating the diverse food supply we enjoy in our lagoon. “When did the fish in the lagoon stop being poisonous? How is this a safe fishing practice?” 


When is this matter of Teina Bishop and his assets finally going to end, another smoke signaller asks. “He has done his time for any wrongdoing and stands to lose certain entitlements as it is. He needs to get on with his life and keep on helping the hundreds of people on Aitutaki whom he has employed over many years. It takes two to tango, so revoke those fishing licences and don’t re-issue. Let’s move on for goodness sakes. The Cook Islands can’t afford any more bad publicity.”


In last Saturday league semis both teams played really well, until the refs spoilt it, a sports-loving smoke signaller says. “Eight tackles!”


Police say cybercrime hasn’t crossed the red line here in the” Crook Islands Paradise” (CIP) ha! So how did pensioners’ money get taken out of their bank accounts just before Christmas a few years ago. A smoke signaller wants to know.


Thank goodness for people like the staff of Tarome’s Early Learning Centre, showing all Members of Parliament how it’s done from the bottom up, not from the top down. Well done!


“Of course Tiare Taporo will pay its debts and sail again,” a smoke signaller comments. “It seems to me that Pacific Schooners Ltd director Mike Henry always knows where to get money.”

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