History lessons lacking

Tuesday May 23, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Regarding Anna Bayne’s letter to the paper about local Cook Islands history being in our school curriculum, I believe she is incorrect.

Anyone is free to browse the Cook Islands Social Studies Curriculum document. No local history is actually taught. They may refer local situations to New Zealand or Asian regions but there is absolutely nothing in the way of solid teaching on the pre-missionary era in the Cook Islands, or the post-missionary history of this country. There may be individual teachers who touch on it. But how many kids on our island know the name Papehia? Do any of them know about the prominent rock in the middle of the road (at the roundabout) on the way from Justice building towards Takuvaine Rd?


“As a pedestrian around town, I am appalled by the lack of care towards people who walk around Avarua,” a smoke signaller says. “I was nearly mown down recently down by both local and tourist drivers whilst walking inside the white line along the road in town. It’s pretty scary. Drivers have to remember that pedestrians and cyclists are a lot more vulnerable than a car, motor bike or scooter. 


Cyclists continue to ignore the dangers, and ride at night wearing dark clothing and without any lights, a smoke signaller says. “The other night we drove from Arorangi to Muri and on the way we saw several people riding bikes on the incorrect side of the road (it’s safest to ride into the traffic). They included young children and tourists and they were very hard to spot. Then there was the athlete who was out running in the same direction as the traffic, and also wearing dark clothing. We didn’t see her until we were only a few metres away.”


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