Never-ending project

Monday May 22, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Exactly what is happening with the Te Mato Vai water mains project, a smoke signaller asks.

“It seems to me, that what is happening is exactly nothing. We had all the excitement of the water turned on briefly for a public ceremony earlier this year and since then…no news. This must be one of the longest-running projects in Cook Islands history. Perhaps MFEM might like to tell us how far over budget this scheme has gone.


There’s no end, it seems, to the silliness behind the motorcycle helmet law and the fact that it now also costs $90 to get a motorcycle licence, rather than $20. “It seems to me the government on one hand encourages the growth of tourism and on the other is trying to deal it a death blow,” a smoke signaller says.


It was interesting to read in the paper the other day that the dreaded rustbucket Tiare Taporo is going to sail again after lying idle at the wharf for months and disrupting normal shipping services, a smoke signaller says. “If they pay their debts and actually do a voyage next month, I promise I will eat my hat.”

other items donated by island residents. “This shop is now out of reach for us locals, and I think items are overpriced.” 


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