Intentional dishonesty from banks

Wednesday May 10, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Unbelievable. I have never come across such “intentional dishonesty’’ with banks and what they store in their ATM machines.

First the banks rip you off with their associated fees at the end of the month. Then the charges/fees for using your own Visa Debit as opposed to using your handy card/access card. Now they are trying to distribute money from their ATMs with “chipped’’ $50 notes and saying that they don’t accept it. Really? The machines don’t automatically fill themselves up. Humans do! If you really want to rip us off do it the proper way – offer us glorious promises to bank with you, smile and say please and thank you. Unfortunately for you, my request for a king-sized bed has been approved as the move to close my account offers that luxury!


Some strange goings-on after dark at the golf course recently have had locals in stitches, a smoke signaller says. “They involve unarmed combat and…well, we won’t get into the details. “It’s tempting to make a joke or two relating to golf, but it might not go down too well. And thanks to the coconut wireless, the story just keeps getting better and better!”

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