Police should be out checking the traffic on Sundays, too

Tuesday April 11, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“On Sunday around lunchtime I saw a dark blue Toyota car and a motor bike having a race down the straight part of road near Matavera church and the rugby club,” a smoke signaller says.

“they must have been doing around 80km. All day I saw only one police car patrolling around the island. Were the police having the day off?  There seems to be plenty of police presence during the week, collecting fines from school children.”


Another smoke signaller spotted a large group of young tourists riding scooters on the seawall road on Sunday. To their credit, they were all wearing safety helmets, but they needed them, because their driving was atrocious. They were riding up to three abreast and weaving all over the road without any thought to the traffic building up behind them. When they got to a bar near town, they abruptly turned left into a carpark without signalling. A car behind them that had obviously been hired by members of the same group also turned abruptly without signalling, and the female driver brought it to a stop with the back half of it protruding halfway across one side of the road. I reckon rental companies need to make it very clear and plain to their customers that we do, in fact, have road rules in this country.”


The Aitutaki Power Supply board sackings and the cash raid will not have happened if Mike Henry had not interfered with this financially viable business operation on Aituitaki,” a smoke signaller says. “If the APS bank account was $12.50 cents then Mike and government would not even bother. But because its $1.2 million dollars of the Araura peoples’ hard-earned money then greed comes in and in a flash, it’s gone. The excuse Mike will give is that that the money is with CIIC – of which Mike is the chairman. Mike has struck twice. Money from government for the doomed Tiare Taporo (which was later repaid) and now money from APS that I believe will go to his pet projects and those of the CIP.


Cyclone Cook has struck in the South Pacific but there’s a certain irony in the name, a smoke signaller says. “Fortunately, it is nowhere near the Cook Islands.”


The Demo conference began yesterday at the AOG Hall in Takuvaine and it would have been interesting to have been a fly on the wall, a smoke signaller says. “The Demos seem so disorganised I’m surprised they could even put a conference together.”


“When is this government and ICI going to do something about the horrendous state of our roads,” a smoke signaller asks. “Parts of the back road are more pothole than road these days, and the main road around the island isn’t much better. Every week I seem to hit another hidden pothole and I don’t think my car’s suspension is going to last much longer. Good for the people who run the service workshops, I guess, but bad luck for us. The method used to fill potholes needs looking at urgently too. It simply doesn’t work and it’s a waste of time and money.”

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