Sunday April 09, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Does the helmet law only look good on paper?

How’s the administration of the new helmet law going, a smoke signaller asks?

Are officers being lenient to certain people such as relatives and friends and turning a blind eye? Are they even administrating the law properly? Or is it just one of those laws that look good on paper and that’s about it?

SS: While the law seems to be administered in an unfair way, with allegations of tourists copping the most fines, a large number of people appeared in court yesterday charged with failing to wear a safety helmet. However, they represent only a tiny proportion of the number of people who ride around with no helmets every day. And no, that law doesn’t even look good on paper.


“Talking about laws: the implementation of the gun registration law. How’s that going?” the same smoke signaller asks.

SS: The gun amnesty was covered in a page two story in CI News on Wednesday last week


“Making a trip to the local immigration office leaves me with the same feeling of dread as when you go to the dentist, a smoke signaller says. “It is usually painful. Does the office staff list of duties include instructions to avoid greeting, smiling or make eye contact with the client? Are they told also not to offer any helpful answers to questions asked? And if you ask, they do not give a reason as to why they have to keep your passport for up to five working days. And they never say “thank you for calling in or have a good day”. Maybe it’s just me, and other people have happier experiences when they have to go there.”


News that a large number of young people are facing charges for failing to pay fines when they were caught riding motorcycles without helmets, shows that the police are actually doing something about enforcing the silly helmet law, a smoke signaller says. “But sitting outside a school and nabbing students is like shooting fish in a barrel. What about all the local teenagers and young adults who are still riding around minus helmets, without a care in the world?

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