Prison warden pay unlikely to attract top people

Monday March 20, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

News that the Justice ministry is planning to pay new prison warden recruits even less than previously doesn’t bode well for any positive changes within the prison system, another smoke signaller says. “People who are underpaid, are far less likely to do a good job than those who are paid well and fairly. Commissioner of Police please take note.”



To put the coconut wireless to rest, the letter (from Tusitala) about the first woman member of the Legislative Assembly and Speaker of the Cook Islands in Friday’s CI News written by anyone associated with CI Library & Museum, “The tone of the letter has upset some folks and caused them to contact the library and museum,” a smoke signaler says. “Yes, the photo belongs to the museum’s collection, but the Library and Museum disassociates itself from the letter writer and the manner in which the views were expressed.”


I must admit to being totally in awe of Bluesky. It’s amazing how a company which pretends to serve the community can do it so badly. It can take hours to send a text message to reply to one which was sent to you yesterday and just arrived! Visiting the Customer Service Centre today left me even more in awe. How come there are several “Customer Service Experts” and only one actually serving a customer while the queue waiting just grows bigger. Had to walk out in the end – after all I only get an hour for lunch! Telecom please come back – you were a thousand times better.


There’s definitely an issue with animal cruelty in the Cook Islands, a smoke signaller says. “That much is obvious from all the photos we’ve seen in CI News over the last few months. So when can we expect the Ministry of Agriculture to finish its long-awaited legislation that will help remedy the situation. It seems they are really dragging the chain. And then we’ll have to wait till it goes to parliament, which almost never meets. Meanwhile, even more poor animals will be mistreated.

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