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Wednesday March 15, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“Regarding the article in CI News about an abandoned car on the main road at Tupapa, police said they failed to reach the relatives of the car owner on number provided,” a smoke signaller says. “This is a small island, so why didn’t they just go and look for that person. Problem solved. I just hate all the silly comments they make in the newspaper.”



“The news item regarding the car on the side of the road is quite timely,” another smoke signaller says. “At first I thought it was genuinely on sale but then had my doubts when I saw that the chalk had run and wondered why in the heavy rain the “chalk” had not washed away. The car may have created a nuisance by being left on the side of the road, but that is no excuse to vandalise it by painting a fake ad on it.”


“Rose Brown goes on talking about a government of unity,” a smoke signaller says. “Is it possible that she is writing all this? If this was her ‘to do’ list, did she had to jump parties to make it work? She should have got back to work while she was in government as a CIP MP! Come on tikai, think before you leap or was it reap before you think?


Here’s a good one for all those people who think nothing of being cruel to animals. It’s a quote from German philosopher Immanuel Kant and it was posted on the Rarotonga Community and Beyond Facebook page recently: “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.


“Hmmm let’s see if the news is accurate,” a smoke signaller says. “A certain football club poaches a player under contract to another club. When the club is disciplined for doing so, they cry foul and are threatening a court challenge. What a waste of time and money that would be. Now that they have been caught out they claim the player’s contract is invalid. If so, surely the contact should have been challenged right away by the new club on behalf of their new recruit. The blub is going to waste their time and resources to take this to court. Anyway that is what I heard on a Radio NZ International segment last week. “


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