Road widening provisions?

Monday March 13, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

The seemingly well-laid plans to mount Mike Tavioni’s sculpture at the RSA cemetery may not have considered that, sooner or later, our main road legal width of 10.06 metres must be increased.

Would it not make sense to plant the sculpture far enough into the section of land so that it does not one day have to be moved? And, road width aside, do we want tonnes of timber that close to the side of the road? Do we need the possibility of an errant vehicle colliding and creating the irony of a death at the entry to a cemetery?


Recently there has been some discussion regarding cost of living and minimum wage. The costs of living really brought home to me today when an Aitutaki store charged me $9 for a 250g packet of Mainland Tasty Cheese. What a bloody rip off!

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