Smoke signal about banks makes a difference

Tuesday February 21, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals
Smoke signal about banks makes a difference

Thanks to the person who put a smoke signal in CI News last week highlighting the need for more tellers in our local banks.

On Friday I could see the tellers putting on those brave and welcoming ‘Kia Orana’ smiles. Thank you for making our banking quicker and easier today.


On the same subject, another smoke signaller says banks are supposedly there to provide a service (and make as much money as possible, but that’s another story). So why have Rarotonga residents for years had to endure huge queues in the banks at the most inconvenient times? It’s nothing to have to wait for 30 minutes or more and if you’re in a hurry, well, too bad. It might dig into their profits just a tiny bit, but can’t our local banks each pay for a couple of extra staff to serve customers at times of high demand, or time staff breaks so they don’t coincide with busy periods?


“Well for two days now I have sat my family down to breakfast and explained that there will be a testing of the tsunami warning sirens on Rarotonga and they are not to panic,” a smoke signaller says. Here’s the problem. The family is scattered around the island each weekday at schools and work places and not one of us has heard the slightest siren sound. Now, we are in a panic, knowing that the only warning we will get of a tsunami will be the loud clapping sound as the 10 metre wall of water hits the side of our house.


“This is for the league enthusiast who thinks the $8000 to Aitutaki is a bit over the top for our league players,” a smoke signaller who describes himself as an Arorangi Bears supporter. “Spare a thought for the boys in Aitutaki. They have to come over here to play five times a season, and an extra one if they make it to the top four and another extra flight again if they make it to the finals. That’s seven times which is possible. Now you do the math…All I know is, that’s a lot of hours fishing in all sorts of weather for the Aitutakians to sell their catch to go towards their airfares, then there’s their ever-faithful true sponsors, plus their  people who are  always right behind them. I take my hat off to those boys, and to top it off, they never complain.” 


Is it true that the Petrocean over the reef pipeline proposal is making a comeback and is it true that our MP, George Maggie the Eco Warrior, supports the over the reef pipeline, even though many people in Tupapa Maraerenga don’t want it? Come on Eco Warrior, many people saw you last year getting fuel for your chopper at the TOA wholesale pump across from the airport. Why don’t you get your petrol from Super Brown or Manea Foods?

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