Bank fees take hour’s wage

Friday February 17, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“After withdrawing money from the BSP ATM with my ANZ ATM card because the ANZ machine in Muri doesn’t work,

I discovered in my statement online (thank God it’s free), that the fees in total from both banks were more than an hour’s wage,” a smoke signaler says. Feeling robbed…”


“Would it be possible for our local bank to have more tellers on the counter, a smoke signaler asks. It would also be good to have a separate counter for business banking and one for normal banking. The queues we have to form to wait for two tellers to serve customers are very frustrating.


“I have been told migrant workers have to wait for six months after they leave the country to apply for their superannuation,” another smoke signaler says. “So when you return to your home land, you can’t apply to the fund for all that time. Are they expecting people to forget about claiming? It’s a new policy they say, introduced because some workers who have claimed in the past later return to the Cook Islands. There seem to be many issues with superannuation as they also have to pay past expatriates. Why not keep paying those who are already here and ready to leave? All have been paying on time, why not give it back on time?” 

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