'Special place, special people' not quite so apt

Friday February 10, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals
People shouldn’t have to pay to visit Wigmores Waterfall, a smoke signaller says.. 17020912 People shouldn’t have to pay to visit Wigmores Waterfall, a smoke signaller says.. 17020912

“Since when did we turn into Samoa...charging people five dollars to go to the waterfall is disgraceful,” a smoke signaller says.

“What is this money for? Maintaining the road? Phfff. It may be private property, but that’s not an excuse to charge just ’cause you can. Haven’t been home for a few years now but sounds like it’s not a ‘special place, a special people’ anymore. Shame on that guy! And the family that owns the waterfall.



“To the thieves who stole lemons from our Arai Te Tonga properties last week. You were seen by neighbours so run as fast as you can, because I am coming for you,” an angry smoke signaller says. “No cops just me and my machete.  My children’s hard work on that plot for years to have you and your mates steal off me. Run now!”



“To the smoke signaller who wrote regarding the Health secretary’s nice car, a smoke signaller writes. “If you work very, very hard like the secretary and you have the right amount of brains as well, then you might get a nice car too. But if you have a brain of a chook you will be lucky to get a secondhand pushbike.!



Seems to me that the Chief Immigration Officer is actually doing her job, unlike some others who have occupied the position in the past, a smoke signaller says. “Hopefully she has a few other unsavoury characters in her sights.”



“I’m in support with the Immigration banning Mark Franklin to stay back in New Zealand,” a smoke signaller says. “He has a criminal record so why is it fair that he gets the special treatment to return to Rarotonga, all because of love? A few foreigners have committed crimes here in Rarotonga   and they’ve been deported regardless of the consequences. And I don’t think this is political, I support the opposite political party but even I am supporting the decision that Immigration is undertaking, Franklin should have thought about his actions before committing a crime. If Vaine is angry with immigration, why doesn’t she just fly to New Zealand so they can be a couple again?”



“Big trouble in little paradise,” an offshore smoke signaller writes. Many are shocked at the violence in our society such as last year’s shooting, this year’s stabbing and the presence of a sexual predator, drink-spiking, machete worries. I’ve been off the island for 18 years and the violence in our society even back then was also deplorable. “I believe our society is reaping the fruits of secular humanism: No God, no morals, no hope. I partly blame some of our Christian leaders of today because their messages ignore the pressing needs of our society and are also foreign to our postmodern youth.”

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