Nice car Madam Secretary

Thursday February 09, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

Maybe the Secretary of Health driving around in a fancy car paid for by taxpayers is not the best way to show that the ministry’s budget is not enough.

In fact there is a bit of money there that could go towards paying for a doctor to the outer islands, if you sold it. Save on fuel money, maintenance, insurance. It is a starting point, unless her salary is so low she can’t afford to fuel her own car. Now that would be an end of the world type crisis. Lord have mercy, Australia … here we come!



I don’t think anyone is trying to say that individual tourists are trying to rubbish Rarotonga or are destroying our environment, but collectively … Indirectly, yes. Ever-increasing tourism leads to more waste generated and more demand for tours that compromise our environment. And government continues to ignore the resulting problems and chooses to tout how marvelous our tourism numbers are. Just a heads up to government and our Tourism Corp, increasing tourism is a worldwide trend because of lower airfares due in part lower fuel costs I believe. Perhaps therefore Tourism Corp should stop patting themselves quite so vigorously on the back.


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