Sober choice? Maybe not

Wednesday February 08, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

A drunken man, barely able to stand, was swaying around Raro Fried Chicken mid-afternoon on Sunday.

The staff tried to ignore him, the table of young people did the same. But his volume and annoying, offensive utterings made it difficult to do so for long. Fortunately, he got bored and lurched away. Unfortunately it was only as far as his motorbike, which he hopped on and wobbled off into the distance.


Another smoke signaller wants to know how it is that two people who have marijuana convictions can own a bar. “Have they found some way around the regulations, I wonder?”


Just to clarify the reason why the Sharks did not do well against the Doggies is simple - they were jet-lagged. They just landed and went straight on to the field. Look at the scores when they play at home. Big difference. If only they had come on a Thursday, you would have seen a big difference in the game.


All these big trees growing beside the road are becoming a problem. Whose responsibility is it to trim the trees on the roadside around the PM’s office, for example? Dried branches have been falling on the road. Don’t wait till someone gets hurt before you do something about this issue.


It is nice to see business owners getting a tax cut and even nicer to see that I’m still paying my tax. I voted for CIP. I will vote again with the outer islands and that’s why.

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