No handouts for shipping service

Tuesday February 07, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

“IT WAS SAD to see the one professional and dedicated server of shipping to the Pa Enua had their brand new boat stranded on the reef, by accident,

not because of it being a rundown rust bucket like its “competitor”. Now they have to suspend business while they go and rescue their boat. No offer of assistance from the government. According to the sickening columns the PM is writing for CI News, the government loves the people but they aren't going to help you get your supplies at all. No sending of the Te Kukupa to go and help, no offer like the $200,000 they gave PSL shipping to bring their rust bucket home. No, the good taxpaying and reliable business Taio Shipping is alone and because they are not friends of the government or BTIB they don't get allowances or free amnesties or tax forgiveness. In the words of Kiriau Terepu they are old to "get busy" and do it themselves. Annother example of the good getting ripped off and the bad and the ugly getting a free dinner in the koru lounge.



A SMOKE SIGNALLER says he knows it is hot some days, but those working in retail around the island should at least pretend they are not in a bad mood. “On two occasions in the past week our signaller has stopped at a supermarket just before it closed to race in and get much needed cold drinks. On both occasions the checkout folk have been silent, grumpy and downright rude. Which is not a sensible thing to be with someone who helps pay their wages, or is just as likely to get seriously miffed and get extremely rude back.”



“THE CI NEWS story about the prime minister meeting with two owners of a drinking hole in town following the stabbing incident does not make sense to me,” a smoke signaller says. “ It shows the PM does not know what he is doing. Where is his Police minister? Also, one would expect the Health minister to front up the media on the issue of doctors in the outer islands, but instead he hides behind his secretary.. A field day was held by the Agriculture minister on his plantation in Matavera the other day to talk about pesticides. The minister mentioned he had  been using a new weed killer for some time. So why isn't he telling growers about this stuff? Why keep it to himself for so long? You government guys are definitely not singing from the same songbook.”  

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