Politicians can travel overseas, but we can’t afford doctors

Thursday January 26, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

SAYS A SMOKE SIGNALLER: “Regarding the front page article in Monday’s CI News about the islands that no longer have a doctor, it is just sickening reading this, especially we can afford air ambulance to evacuate a cabinet minister’s daughter to New Zealand and we can also pay for frequent overseas trips by certain politicians. So sad.



A SMOKE SIGNALLER whose views are likely to get him into hot water with most of the island’s women – and well, just about anyone in their right mind, says developer Tim Tepaki has claimed in a CI News article that the Cook Islands is suffering from depopulation, and he has a solution: “In another article the Speaker of parliament is encouraging more women to stand in parliament. The best idea, in my view, is instead of encouraging women to stand in parliament, why not encourage them to have more babies and in the maternity ward they can be given women of the year awards. This way there will be no depopulation. When women want to stand in parliament they cause more problems and nothing moves forward.”


TWICE LAST SATURDAY I tried getting on the internet to get some urgent information, and both times impossible to get to the websites I needed,” asmoke signaller says. “When are you going to start providing some real customer service, Bluesky, or do you simply not care? As for your constant bombardment of customers with text messages urging us to buy data that only lasts 24 hours or whatever, it is a total nuisance and an invasion of our privacy. How dumb do you think we are?


THE NOISE FROM the party buses are just getting ridiculous and now a certain hotel going to provide another. Who is monitoring these buses, there is very little controlling the existing ones and now there will be another.


“GREG PARKER IS great at doing voice overs for ads on CITV but his interviewing skills are sometimes sadly lacking,” a local TV critic says.  A question for the police. If you don’t have to wear a motorcycle helmet when you’re aged over 25, how are our police officers discerning who is 25 and who isn’t. Or do they think it’s all too hard and they’re just ignoring all the locals who don’t wear crash helmets.


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