Is the Elvis convention in Australia a coincidence?

Monday January 16, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

WHAT A COINCIDENCE, Henry Puna has gone to Australia and guess what? There is an Elvis Presley Convention on in New South Wales from January 11-15. No sign of the PM on the list of guest artists, though.



HOW SAD CAN the PM be? Instead of helping the tax dodgers why not let our pensioners be tax-free for their last days. Time will tell.


DOG MADNEZ! IT is amazing that on a small but very developed island like this with 10,000 or more vehicles that you could have dogs stalking and chasing motorbikes and putting drivers in danger of severe injuries. I have had several close calls myself and my wife hit a dog at speed, damaging her bike. Did I report it? No. Why? because I’m apathetic like everyone else. No dog, no proof, no owner. We recently saw a tourist on a motorcycle hit a driver over a chasing dog which died and I doubt she reported it. In Tupapa, just like all over the island, there are dogs in every section. They chase each other, frequently on the main road. In some areas they do that and in others they chase you. Avoiding dogs puts you in the opposite lane and the road is never empty. Now what?


INSTEAD OF OFFERING an amnesty that will only help habitual tax evaders, including the owners of some large businesses, maybe the government could consider paying to have some of the eyesore car wrecks littering the island crushed and exported for recycling. Or maybe that’s being too sensible.


IT SEEMS LOCALS are following the example of some tourists and going for a world record for how many people they can fit on one scooter. Seen on the backroad in Kavera this week, Mum, Dad, a child and a young baby, all on the same bike. Strikes us as kind of dangerous, especially with the narrow and potholed state of the “road”. Oh, and not one of them wore a helmet, either.


PM PUNA SEEMS to have bitten off much more than he can chew with this so-called tax amnesty. Is it an amnesty? Is it a tax forgiveness? Who knows? Is it an ill-advised attempt to let a couple of ministers and several bureaucrats off the hook with long-standing tax debts? It certainly looks that way to many of us long-suffering taxpayers.

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