MMR propaganda machine gets into overdrive

Thursday January 12, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

THE MARINE RESOURCES media propaganda machine is on a roll again.

They did it for the EU Spanish purse seining agreement, and now you have two local MMR expats promoting the 24 nautical mile (nm) no-fishing zone around the islands. This is after the PM, cabinet, the aronga mana and the outer islands agreed and supported a 50nm buffer zone. With no oversight from PSC and the policy experts from the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ponia bandwagon is once again running rampant with no control, direction, or supervision. Are there two public services within government?


PONIA AND NATIONAL Environment Service director Joseph Brider have failed miserably in taking control of the Muri lagoon pollution and sanitation problem, a smoke signaller says. “There is no accountability, too much travel and no results to show for any of the work they have done. Ponia is too busy increasing his revenue at the expense of local fishermen and Brider is hardly ever in the country. Just like the PM. Out of sight and out of mind.”


THE PM HAS come and gone, had his Christmas parties and gone to Australia for a family bash. Meanwhile, there’s still no formal announcement from government regarding a Commission of Inquiry into the prison escape and multiple shootings. Not a word from Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas, who is ultimately responsible for the performance of the Secretary of Justice and Corrections. There are legal and administrative responsibilities that must be undertaken by senior public servants neglecting their duties.


SO WHAT’S IT worth to become a vaka-jumper? Well, if you’re an MP in the opposition coalition and you are cabinet minister material (or even if you’re not, really), we hear that the standing offer from the CIP government is apparently a cool $150,000 a year, plus a vehicle, plenty of free travel and all the other benefits that go with helping to prop up the government. What’s the bet that someone from the shaky One Cook Islands-Demo Party coalition will be tempted before long? This isn’t really a criticism of the CIP, because if the Demos were in the same situation, they’d be making exactly the same offers.


IT’S A PRETTY ridiculous situation when the opposition makes a media statement about the need for an inquiry into last year’s multiple shooting, when the government still hasn’t said a thing. The same happened when New Zealand prime minister John Key unexpectedly resigned. The opposition sent a letter to Key and issued a press release to local media, while the CIP government did nothing at all.


ANYONE WONDERING WHY the Demos have so willingly gone along with the PM’s tax amnesty? It’s fairly obvious that some of their MPs believe they will benefit from this move, which has come under the guise of celebrating the country’s “50th Jubilee” – albeit over a year too late.



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