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Monday January 09, 2017 Published in Smoke Signals

THE EELS CLUB manager says the writers of two of last week’s smoke signals, headlined “Take a look at yourself first” and “What goes around” need to get their facts right before commenting on things they seem to know nothing about.

“As manager, I organised the signing of said players. Logan and Feleti were signed from their two respective clubs in Samoa and flown in by the Avatiu club, (clearance letters from Samoan clubs available). Lai and Tua were signed from Saru Dragons and flown from Fiji by the Avatiu club (Saru Dragons clearance papers available). Unlike Bobby Hansen, Logan Perenesi and Joseph Hoeflich who were all taken from the Avatiu Club and Pereti from the Takuvaine club (no club clearances issued). So whose players were poached then? Get your facts right and stop blaming Avatiu club for your own failures!


ACCORDING TO THE Prime Minister, “we have heard your cry”, and therefore forgave all tax penalties.  The cry of a few people.  But what about the cry of over 4,000 people who don’t want a certain fishing deal to proceed? Sorry, a few crying people around the cabinet table or crying in the PM’s department are far more important than 4,000 signing a petition.


REGARDING THE PROPOSED tax amnesty, a smoke signaller says the Governments 2013 review of the Cook Islands Tax system includes a section 6, page 16 on Tax Compliance in the Cook Islands. “This estimates that current tax debt at the time of the report was PAYE tax debt - $3.3 million, income and company tax $10.49 million, VAT - $12.84 million, provisional tax - $0.88 million. Total unpaid taxes at 2013 - $27.2 million. It is obviously not the everyday taxpayer (PAYE) who will benefit from the tax debt relief decision, nor the pensioners.”


“CAN THE GOVERNMENT afford to let big companies and failed businesses off the hook by introducing a tax amnesty, and at the same time say it has no money to provide doctors to any of the outer islands? Mangaia lost its doctor last week, replaced by a nurse practitioner. I believe Aitutaki is the only remaining outer island with a doctor or dentist.



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