Can we do it too?

Friday December 16, 2016 Published in Smoke Signals

PERHAPS OUR NEW friends at Bluesky, they of the monopoly service, can tell us if we customers who have mobile numbers are allowed to send out spam to hundreds of mobile phones?

If we are not allowed to do that, why on earth are our new friends doing that? Why must we ask them to stop? Would it not be more correct for our new friends to say, "no more spam unless you ask us specifically to be spammed"?


LOOKS LIKE THE shipping company are going to stuff up Christmas for a lot of Aitutaki businesses that were planning to ship cargo Rarotonga/Aitutaki on the last ship before Christmas. With the change of rotation and Liloa II, V02, now arriving Aitutaki before Rarotonga, there ain't going to be another Matson ship Raro/Ait until the New Year! Thanks for the lean Christmas, Matson!

SS: Matson was asked for comment on the shipping schedule, but declined.


REGARDING THE PROMO messages from Bluesky. I don't mind receiving the texts but not all of them. For instance, last Saturday I had seven texts, at least three were for the same thing which included a mistake in one which was corrected in a subsequent text with no apology for the mistake.

So the message to Bluesky: triple check the message before sending out so it only has to be sent once and not repeated all day.


THE TOURIST SEEN riding his rental motorbike one-handed through town with his other arm around a toddler perched precariously in front of him. And the driver of the silver coloured car who crossed yellow lines on a blind corner near the Social Centre, passed several vehicles at high speed, then raced of into the distance, tailgating a few other cars in the process. And yes, we do have your car’s registration.


THE NEW HELMET law is crazy and totally unenforceable, a smoke signaller says. “The cops might find tourists an easy target but they’re ignoring the locals who ride around with no helmets. Yesterday morning, I followed a bike ridden by two Tereora College students, neither of whom had a helmet. A policeman passed by in a truck, but just ignored them.”


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