Wednesday December 14, 2016 Published in Smoke Signals

In THE FOUR months that I’ve been driving a motorbike here I’ve had four flat tyres and my partner’s had two.

We drive along the main and back roads, and try to avoid potholes where possible (although there are so many that it’s impossible to avoid them all). I’ve had to fork out over $400 for repairs and two new and bigger tyres on top of the cost of the motorbike. I’ve really had enough. If the government is using the roads as a cash cow I would appreciate confirmation so I can open up a tyre shop next to the worst potholes and roads and be a profiteer off of others’ misfortunes too!


Plenty OF NEW money is pouring into New Zealand from Chinese investment. It looks good at first but is harming local farmers, some of whom can no longer continue. Who is there to buy the struggling farms? You guessed it - Chinese investors. So Tepaki in his letter published in CI News on Monday is right on one count. It really does depend on where you are sitting. As a New Zealand citizen which Tepaki happily acknowledges in his letter, he has been quite open in support of our own rock star PM’s attempts to get the Cook Islands to become a member of the UN and to open an office in New York too, probably resulting in Cook Islanders losing their Kiwi passports. As John Key has stated on enough occasions that if you want UN membership, you should remember you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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