Shame about waste

Tuesday December 13, 2016 Published in Smoke Signals

LAST WEEK’S ROTARACT’S Winter Wonderland event on Wednesday was a fantastic family event.

It was a shame however that no consideration was given to the use of biodegradable containers for the event, an environmetally-minded smoke signaller says. “Think of all the polystyrene created on that night alone. Which is no buried in our (nearly full) landfill in Arorangi! Akamaroiroi tatou protect our paradise.”


TOO MANY YOUNG motor bike riders are still not abiding to the law,” a smoke signaller says. “Are the police aware that there are 16-25-year-olds freely driving around without a helmet law? Either enforce the law, or don’t have it at all.”


“SO, FROM WHERE Tepaki is sitting, ‘John Key was a rock start politician’,” a smokes signaller says. “His praise of John Key was over the top. Others within the New Zealand government such as Bill English who isn't media savvy but certainly knows his work with the nation’s finances are some of the other people responsible for the New Zealand economy being where it is. But that doesn’t mean that Bill English doesn’t have his critics, its par for the course in his job.”


THE SAME SIGNALLER says John Key has been reported as having failed some of the most important areas of New Zealand’s environment. “And it doesn’t stop there. The slow reaction to price manipulation allegations by large New Zealand- based but Chinese-owned milk producers harming the traditional husband and wife farmers in the South Island is another, and it’s rarely spoken about.”

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