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Tuesday May 05, 2015 Published in Smoke Signals

New imports for Avatiu?

Did Avatiu have four imports? ‘I saw a new winger’, a Smoke Signaller says. ‘The only reason the other import is still here is because of his court case. That’s the answer they gave to the Warriors last year.’

Referendum result could bend time

If the result of the Sunday flights referendum ever became binding, Aitutaki would regress in time from the 21st century AD back to about 1,400 BC when the Genesis myth of Adam and Eve (and talking snakes) originated, a Smoke Signaller says. ‘Unfortunately, the livelihoods of many honest local folk in the tourism industry would then be in serious jeopardy caused by the 370 well-meaning but naive voters who probably still believe there are fairies at the bottom of the garden’.


Can the MMR Secretary kindly arrange to have the purse seining by-catch brought in and sold to the public at the wharf? Fish has previously been sold there at $4 a kilo. Only a one-day sale! We can’t afford the local catch that costs $15 to $25 a kilo. Local fishermen can still sell their fish to hotels and cafes, etc. When issuing fishing licences, MMR should also charge a small percentage - 2 per cent maybe, on gross turnover for the duration of the licence. This should at least cover part of the uncontrollable tonnage they remove from our ocean. Purse seiners can keep their skipjack, which is really the only fish they want.


The majority of this Government’s seats in Parliament were from the outer islands. In voting for this government they also appointed them to make decisions such as allowing purse seining and plundering their livelihood - being the ocean, of course. Then they want us here in Rarotonga to run down the wharf and protest. No thank you ra. You make your bed, you lie in it.


It’s Road Safety Week and we should all be adopting safe driving practices that we can apply every day. A tourist and his girlfriend obviously have plenty to learn in this department though. The scooter-riding pair were spotted taking ‘selfies’ while riding at speed around the seawall road. Their disregard for safety is right up there with those locals who persist in texting on their phones while riding their bikes. They might look a bit tatty, but if you fall off your bike, you’ll find the roads on Rarotonga are just as hard on your head as roads anywhere else in the world.

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