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Monday March 02, 2015 Published in Smoke Signals

Even more long delays

It is how many weeks now since the Police Commissioner said he would announce the outcome of the investigation into Teina Bishop within two weeks – and still nothing.

Do we sniff the foul scent of political interference? And how long does it take for the Public Service Commissioner to talk to someone who was a member of the delegation visiting Auckland when Ben Ponia made the headlines for all the wrong reasons? The powers that be must think we’re all totally stupid.


A SMOKE Signaller wants to know where the outcomes from the findings released last year on plans for a marine park and a wider economic zone have got to. “They are of great importance to our people across the Pa Enua. Chinese whispers say the extended economic zone has been passed through Parliament. Can someone confirm the rumour and let us know where we are with the marine park?

Consultation is a process that doesn’t end once views are polled. The true value of consultation is in the action of the recommendations made.”


Pathetic is the only word to describe the actions of Finance Minister Mark Brown in allowing our major shares of TCI to be sold to a foreign company based in Samoa – and the US, I believe. When government is selling off our assets to foreigners, there’s really nothing to celebrate, Mark. What’s next in asset sales by this government?

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