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Wednesday February 25, 2015 Published in Smoke Signals

Plaudits for PM on energy plan

Congratulations must be given to the prime minister for his renewable energy vision for the Cook Islands.

The photos in the CI News last week show excellent progress on Pukapuka with reports that the rest of the north is tracking well. Good one PM!


I had to look twice when I saw the prime minister coming off the Air Raro flight in Aitutaki on a Sunday when all the CIP could speak about in Aitutaki was stopping the Sunday flights…really PM?


Wake up Consumer Commissioner! Take a look at the highly exaggerated ‘original’ prices advertised by some local companies. I reckon they are absolute fiction!


A smoke signaller is confused about the petrol price ‘drop’. “At a popular store just out of town, the price on the petrol bowser showed $2.49 a litre. “I just paid up and left”.


Even with our own national troubles, here in the Cook Islands we are still blessed, says a Smoke Signaller. “I just want to say that looking at all the strife being reported in local and international media, I find it heart-breaking to read about people being displaced, dying and killed. Even though we have our own troubles here, we are blessed. Okay, our government still ain’t got it right, but we can sleep easy in our homes and live a comfortable and safe lifestyle. I just wish our government would get it right for us the little people of the Kuki Airani. Look after our old and young people or we might head in the same direction as the people we read about in the news.”


Rumour has it that a ‘house of ill repute’ is up and running in Tupapa, charging $50 an hour and $100 for the night. Only thing is, no-one will own up to knowing where it is.


The Ben Ponia incident in Auckland is a serious one with police involved. The Public Service Commissioner, Russell Thomas should not prepare the report and act on his own report.

Someone totally independent should carry out the investigation and the employer, PSC should then act on it. PSC has no experience and knowledge in investigations of this kind.

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