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Pukapuka soccer comp wraps up

Monday March 18, 2013 Written by Published in Return to Pukapuka

The soccer tournament in Pukapuka finished last week after two weeks of non-stop adrenaline, prayer and passion.

Everyone played with all their energy and the tournament winners danced and laughed it up.

Nine men’s and seven women’s teams competed with the final winners for the rounds in the women’s division being – 1st BCI 2, 2nd Windburger 2 and 3rd Ipuui.

In the men’s division rounds – the Lovely Boys were top of the table followed by team Infra 1 and BCI 1 coming third.

After the rounds finished, the knock-outs began.

The championship games came down to final goal kicks and the overall champion knock-outs for 2013 the winners were Windburger 2 in the women’s division followed by Windburger 1 and Ipuui in third.

Infra 1 took out the men’s overall championship followed by Ukuuwi in second and Windburger 1 in third.

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