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Raro on my mind

Rachel Reeves worked for three years as a journalist with Cook Islands News, and has remained a regular contributor to the paper with this column. She covers a range of topics relevant to the Cooks, together with her own musings and reflections.

In pursuit of greener economic pastures, young people are leaving the Cook Islands in droves.

Cook Islands News published a letter written by the Prime Minister’s chief of staff on December 18, and I’ve been thinking about her words every day since.

Remembering to practise gratitude

Thursday November 28, 2013

Selling the Cooks via word of mouth

Tuesday October 01, 2013

It’s a running joke in our family that we moonlight as volunteers for the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation.

Cook Islander in on Cup action

Tuesday September 24, 2013

If you were watching televised America’s Cup races at Sails, with a glass of white wine in your hand and the turquoise Rarotonga lagoon in your peripheral vision, you had an undeniably good seat.

The power to create positive change

Tuesday September 03, 2013

It’s easy, sometimes, to forget that we – all seven billion of us – are visiting this planet.

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