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More reasons to eat local

Tuesday February 05, 2013

There are dozens of reasons to buy and eat local and to support Te Mou O Te Enua on February 14.

Right in my own backyard

Tuesday January 29, 2013

I showed up to a Los Angeles church on Saturday, runners on, mobile phone charged, a full tank of petrol in my car, prepared for what I’d later consider one of the most powerful sermons I’ve ever experienced – and it didn’t come from a pulpit.

Spreading the aloha in LA

Tuesday January 22, 2013

I’m closing my eyes, absorbing the fullness of this sound, receiving the music of this Hawaiian with his slack-key guitar, this artist telling the stories of the secret valleys and the stately mountains of Hawai’i Nei, the stories of the people who knew those trees and those peaks.

Tuna tit-for-tat

Tuesday January 15, 2013

Tuna talk is dominating headlines and print space this year.

‘It’s a carryover from the past that we can do without’

Pa and the porpoises in print

Friday October 19, 2012

Jillian Sobieska is thrilled – her pipe dream has been realised, and children around the world can flip through its colourful pages to learn about Polynesia, porpoises, and a champion swimmer named Pa.

Light play in new installation

Friday October 05, 2012

A series of light boxes is, quite literally, illuminating the culture and art of the Cook Islands at the Beachcomber Art Gallery from Wednesday.

TAV Ltd designer Ellena Tavioni says sales have skyrocketed since photos of the Duchess of Cambridge wearing her floral print went viral.

TripAdvisor tick for Tamarind

Tuesday October 09, 2012

Tamarind House in Pue has been awarded a certificate of excellence from popular tourism website TripAdvisor.

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