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Cook Islander Makayla Timoti, who is at the top of her oe vaka game in New Zealand, joined  Te Tupu’s women’s crew this week to compete in a paddling festival she’s been dreaming about since her father entered years ago.

Finding peace in prison

Thursday November 08, 2018

George Maggie was in and out of prison for 24 years before he learned how to control his mind.

Manihiki remembers Martin

Thursday November 01, 2018

This week communities of Manihiki people across the Pacific have been remembering an event that forever changed their atoll and their lives.

From a very young age, the Thompson sisters were tie-dying pareu to sell at shops and the market. 

Cyclone risk ‘elevated’

Saturday November 15, 2014

8 to 12 cyclones expected in Southern Cook Islands

In pursuit of greener economic pastures, young people are leaving the Cook Islands in droves.

Cook Islands News published a letter written by the Prime Minister’s chief of staff on December 18, and I’ve been thinking about her words every day since.

Remembering to practise gratitude

Thursday November 28, 2013
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