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Letters to the Editor

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Andrew Robb : Waitangi Day

Monday February 03, 2020

Tena koe,

Many years ago, I marched in support of Maori rights (in response to Derek Fox, “What would Treaty fathers think?” Jan 29).

Dear editor,

This is not a time to panic but a time to improve your self-care. It's a challenge for all mankind.

Condolences to the grieving family, but please consider that a proposal to lower blood alcohol content, helmets for all, and driver education is just not enough.

Dear editor,

The purpose of this letter is to offer the public an explanation in respect of a posting on the Democratic Party Facebook page on Thursday 30 January 2020.

Dear editor,

Some are heralding as leadership the Prime Minister’s suddenly discovered burst of enthusiasm for mandatory wearing of helmets for all bike users, banning phones and earphones while driving and reducing the alcohol limit.

Letters: On another road fatality

Wednesday January 29, 2020

I don't know whether to feel angry or sad.

Dear editor,

Just to reassure your correspondent (Letters, Jan 28), the proposal before the Budget Committee for a Cook Islands Tertiary Education Student Scholarship scheme states that should students who receive a scholarship stay in country once graduated, they can repay their loan by service back to the country.

Letters: Student loans scheme

Tuesday January 28, 2020

Students would have to be 150% sure of their chosen career path for this debt to be worth it (I don’t know many who have been).

Sincere condolences to the families of those involved.

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